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About Us

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We are the Technical one-stop-shop for value creating human capital for your business. Our passion is to provide highly specialized talent that is changing the world through work in technology and manufacturing, prompting a radical growth for our client's organizations. Experts say that having the best talent is what makes good organizations great. Technical Works is the pipeline of great talent that will make your organization exceptional.

Our Values

Fostering a relationship with your organization.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it; we are confident to meet any order in any time frame.

Delivering impact.

Our History

Since our company was founded almost 20 years ago, our employees have worked on the most advanced projects in space, systems that protect and feed our fellow citizens, and software that has changed our lives.

We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of multiple technical industries in order to put the best employees in the best positions for your operation. Prospective candidates go through a holistic/ comprehensive assessment process that ensures the individual with the most pertinent technical experience in the industry is taking the role at your company. This ensures that you get the best possible skill sets needed to help your organization accomplish its mission critical initiatives. At Technical Works, not only do we focus on providing exceptional employees on demand, we believe it is essential to align each business with the most qualified and perfect fit.